Please email only in the following situations:

- Arrest or detention of a Portuguese national;
- Accident involving Portuguese nationals;
- If a Portuguese child is unprotected or in danger;
- Death of a Portuguese national;
- Repatriation (including expulsion from the UK) of a Portuguese national;
- If a Portuguese national is missing.

WARNING: Before sending your email, please ensure it relates to one of the above cases of emergency. Emails relating to any other issue will not be replied to. 

Alternatively, you can contact the 24 hour consular emergency service, i.e. GEC - Gabinete de Emergência Consular.

 Contact details

24 hour Emergency Number: +351 217 929 714
24 hour Emergency Mobile Number: +351 961 706 472
Fax Number: +351 217 929 775

The consular emergency service, GEC, has made available an Emergency Management Sistem - Sistema de Gestão de Emergência – which offers a registration service (via email or mobile phone app) allowing Portuguese nationals who travel outside of Portugal to provide their identification, direct contact details, travelling route(s) with destination countries, dates of departure and arrival, overnight locations and contacts, as well as the optional contact details of the next of kin, in case of emergency.

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