Established by Law 66-A/2007 of 11th December, and amended by Law 29/2015 of 16th April, the Council of the Portuguese Communities (CPC) is the advisory body to the Government on emigration policies and Portuguese communities living abroad.

CPC Remit:

  • Expressing views, as requested by Government or the National Assembly, on proposed and draft laws and other draft government and public administration decisions, and on international or EU regulation agreements relating to Portuguese communities living abroad;
  • Considering issues raised by the Regional Governments of the Azores and Madeira relating to the Portuguese communities who come from those autonomous regions;
  • Issuing information and expressing views, independently, on all matters relating to Portuguese nationals living abroad and to the development of a Portuguese presence in the world, and addressing these to the Member of Government with responsibility for emigration and Portuguese communities;
  • Putting forward proposals and recommendations on the objectives and the implementation of policy principles on Portuguese communities.

CPC Membership

The CPC is made up of a maximum of 80 members elected by Portuguese nationals living abroad who are registered voters for the National Assembly. Board members are elected for a four year mandate.

Council Organisation

The Council has plenary sessions, a permanent council, commissions on different issues, regional councils, sections and subsections. 

Plenary sessions are open to all members. The Council meets in plenary session, usually only once a term. It can meet extraordinarily, when justified.

Portuguese Communities Councillors’ Duties

  • Attend all Council meetings where they have a seat and all meetings of any Commission that may be created and to which they belong;
  • Contribute towards the good functioning of these meetings, and vote in any deliberation;
  • Contribute towards the appropriate functioning of the Council;
  • Cooperate with institutions or entities in the host country on matters of interest for Portuguese communities.

Portuguese Communities Councillors’ Rights

  • Intervening in debates, submitting proposals and voting;
  • Requesting, in writing, clarification to heads of consular posts within their electoral circle;
  • Meeting every six months with heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts;
  • Meeting, at least once a year, at the Embassy of Portugal, with officers and diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exchange information on issues relevant to the country and Portuguese communities in areas relating to, among others, teaching, social affairs, economy, community associations and culture;
  • Requesting, in writing, information on issues relating to the Portuguese communities and emigration, from the various Portuguese State services abroad, via the Member of Government with responsibility for emigration and Portuguese communities.

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Elected Councillors

List of Elected Councillors

Order by the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities




CCP Permanent Council


  • Flávio Alves Martins – Brazil- President
  • Nelson Ponta Garça – USA – Vice-President
  • Manuel Coelho – Namibia – Secretary
  • Lígia Fernandes – South Africa
  • Pedro Rupio – Belgium
  • Ângelo Horto – Brazil
  • Maria de Lurdes Almeida – Venezuela
  • Rita dos Santos – China/Macao/HK-Asia and Oceania
  • Amadeu Batel – Sweden
  • Sandrina Silva - France
  • António Cunha – United Kingdom
  • Daniel Loureiro – Canada

Internal Regulation

Commission for Portuguese Teaching Abroad, Culture, Community Associations and Social Communication

  • José Fernando Campos - Venezuela – Coordinator
  • Maria Alzira Silva - Brazil
  • Manuel Viegas - United States of America
  • Helena Rodrigues  - South Africa
  • Silvia Renda - Australia
  • Alfredo Stoffel – Germany

Internal Regulation

Commission for Social and Economic Issues and for Migratory Flows

  • António de Freitas - Venezuela - President
  • Gabriel Marques -USA - Secretary
  • Gilberto Martins - South Africa
  • Maria Violante Martins - Argentina
  • Manuel Cardia Lima - France
  • Armando de Jesus - Macao
  • Manuel Baião Figueira –Switzerland

Internal Regulation

Commission for Consular Issues and Civic Participation (CCPCP)

  • José Duarte A. Alves –Brazil - President
  • Rui M. Ribeiro Barata – France – Secretary
  • Melissa Da Silva- Australia
  • Vasco Pinto Abreu – South Africa
  • Paulo Martins - USA
  • Carlos de Freitas Alves - Venezuela
  • Sérgio Tavares - United Kingdom

Internal Regulation

Regional Sections

Regional Council Presidents

  • Regional Council for Europe - Luisa Semedo (France)
  • Regional Council for North America: Paulo Martins (USA)
  • Regional Council for Asia and Oceania: Rita Santos (China/Macao)
  • Regional Council for Africa: Gilberto Martins (South Africa)
  • Regional Council for Central America and South America: António Davide Santos da Graça (Brazil)

Operational Regulation for the Regional Council for North America

Operational Regulation for the Regional Council for Central America and South America

Operational Regulation for the Regional Council for Asia and Oceania

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